Anderson Silva Will Retire If He Doesn’t Fight Yoel Romero For The Interim Middleweight Title

Former Middleweight Champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva is demanding to fight Yoel Romero for the interim middleweight championship, and he is threatening to retire if he doesn’t get it.

Silva spoke to Ariel Helwani on this week’s The MMA Hour and told the host that he is walking if doesn’t get his fight.

“And I just want to be clear about what you said,” Helwani said to Silva. “You said if you don’t get the Romero interim fight, you think you’re done? You think you’re going to retire?”

“Yeah, I think I’m done,” Silva responded. “I fight for a long time in my life.”

You can watch portions of Silva’s interview with Helwani below.

Anderson Silva Wants Interim Title Fight with Romero

A furious Anderson 'The Spider' Silva says if he doesn't get an interim title fight with Yoel Romero UFC, he's retiring from MMA. Do you think the UFC should book the fight? #TheMMAHour

Posted by – The Mixed Martial Arts News Website on Monday, May 1, 2017


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