André Galvao Addresses the Slap, Forgives Gordon Ryan And Apologizes

Photo: Jiu-Jitsu Times/Kitt Canaria

Following a week of silence, today Atos Head Coach André Galvão addressed the physical altercation between himself and ADCC Champion Gordon Ryan backstage at the “Who’s Number One” event. The former champion had been quiet about the February 26, scuffle in the days following, and his subsequent live statement over his Instagram was viewed by over 7,000 people at its peak. Galvão first gave a statement in his native Portuguese, then in English.

“First of all, I would like to apologize all you guys, apologize my family, to apologize my students, my team, the entire jiu-jitsu community for being involved in this situation, for getting involved in this situation, it was a sad situation,” Galvão started. He then proceeded to take responsibility for escalating the issue by swearing at Gordon backstage and flipping him off. He follows that he failed to recognize where the situation was headed.

“I said mean things, and the violence just escalated. Then he slapped me, so I maintained my self-calm, and I recognized that I made a mistake,” he said. Galvão, a former MMA fighter, was criticized and mocked by many BJJ players online for seemingly letting Ryan intimidate him and not retaliating. “I just thought about my life and my future,” he said. “A street fight is completely different than a fight on the mat.”

He discusses trash talk next, claiming that his online behavior towards Gordon was mainly aimed at building hype for a match.

“I think trash talk is good to promote a fight, but it’s not good for life,” he said. He addresses the consequences speaking too freely can have, and that people could get hurt.

Galvão then proceeds to try to bury the hatchet. “I don’t want this spirit of revenge in my heart,” he said. He then forgave Ryan, apologized for his part in their feud, and called on all Atos members to drop the issue.

“Gordon, I forgive you. I made a mistake, I recognize my mistake, some people tell me to do differently ,but I forgive you man,” he said. Galvão then proceeded to discuss his Christian faith, crediting God for giving him patience and forgiveness. He ended the video by announcing a flash sale of his online instructionals, and by thanking all of his well-wishers.


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