Andre Galvao Announces Retirement From Competition

Photo Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Five-time ADCC champion and Atos founder Andre Galvao has announced that he’s retiring from competitive jiu-jitsu.

The news was first reported by FloGrappling.

Galvao, who has won six world championships as a black belt and has been competing for well over a decade, said that he has “nothing to prove to anyone anymore” and that he was “sad, but happy at the same time.”

The grappling star will now focus on coaching his students and helping them achieve their goals, though he has said he will still compete in his scheduled ADCC superfight against Felipe Pena in 2019. Aside from that match, though, it’s safe to assume we’ve seen the last of this BJJ legend in the competition scene.

IBJJF: Blue Belt: 2001 Silver, 2002 Gold; Purple Belt: 2003 Double Gold (Middle & Absolute); Brown Belt: 2004 Double Gold (Middle & Absolute); Black Belt: 2005 Gold, 2006 Silver, 2007 Gold (Closed out); 2008 Gold, from 2009-2011 MMA,2012 didn’t compete to coach my team 2013 Bronze, 2014 Gold, 2015 I didn’t compete also, 2016 Gold; 2017 Gold…+ Team Title 🔥#11X World Champion total…#5x Black Belt World Champion || could be 6 if I counted the year I closed out ⚔️ I’ve won 11 World Titles out of 12 participations. #PraiseGod #Jesus @maedabrand @choke_republic @atosjiujitsuhq 🇧🇷 IBJJF: Faixa Azul: Prata 2001, Ouro 2002; Faixa Roxa: Ouro Duplo 2003 (Médio e Absoluto); Faixa Marrom: Ouro Duplo 2004 (Médio e Absoluto); Faixa Preta: Ouro 2005, Prata 2006, Ouro 2007 (fechei com parceiro de equipe); 2008 Gold, de 2009-2011 MMA, 2012 não competi para treinar minha equipe 2013 Bronze, 2014 Gold, 2015 Eu não competi também, 2016 Gold; 2017 Ouro … + Título da Equipe 🔥 # 11X Campeão Mundial total … # 5x Campeão Mundial Black Belt || poderia ser 6 na preta se eu contasse o ano em que fechei ⚔️ Ganhei 11 títulos mundiais de 12 participações. #Jesus #GloriasDeus

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