Andre Galvao Offered $300k By Josh “Starlord” Leduc To Win Against Gordon Ryan; Galvao Counters Asking For $1 Million

In spite of Gordon Ryan’s consistent haranguing, it would appear that he is not getting under Andre Galvao’s skin enough to get a match with the renowned head of Atos.

We recently received screenshots from Josh Leduc, the promoter of Sapateiro and the Gambler’s Invitational. Leduc says that he has backers and is willing to pay $300,000.00 between the two men who would vy for the throne of no gi submission grappling.

Angelica Galvao, speaking on behalf of her husband, countered Leduc’s generous offer with one of her own: one-million dollars. Leduc’s reply was to point out that former UFC champion Demetrious Johnson makes $300,000 per fight.

For his part, Leduc has nuanced views on the situation.

“I would hold it in a facility that sells 100 seats at $300 apiece and stream on PPV. Galvao doesn’t want the match — that’s why the steep price. I’ve got to say, professional grappling has grown leaps and bounds in the last four years. I’m very glad to be a small part of it, and even though some demands are outrageous, it helps grow this sport in the form of monetary compensation.”

When it comes down to brass tacks though, Leduc feels that the match — regardless of outcome — can’t hurt and can only help Galvao’s legacy.

“I’ve said it time and time again: no one remembers Dave Menne, everyone remembers Diego Sanchez. Galvao makes $40k every two years for an ADCC superfight. Win or lose, this doesn’t affect his legacy and $300k is a more than generous offer.”

For more updates on Starlord, Sapateiro and the Gamblers Invitational check out Josh’s instagram @starlordbjj

Screenshots of the emails below:


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