Another Fake Black Belt Exposed

There are a seemingly unending amount of folks in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and other combat sports who pretend to be at a higher level than they actually are. Recently, a supposed Fake BJJ Black Belt Confronted by the leaders of another school in New York and the whole thing was not only taped, but put online via Youtube as well. In the video, the fake teacher and black belt who goes by an unknown name claims that his style is different than tradition Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and instead is known as Combat Jiu-Jitsu, but he is still misleading all potential students anyway by what and how he is teaching them. There are a lot of great Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teachers all around the world right now, but there are fakes out there who are just in it for the money, so you must be aware of which ones are of which variety.


  1. If you added text to the blog such as the school’s & the instructor’s name, this would gain more visibility with regards to popping up in google, thus being able to reach more people who may get hornswoggled by these idiots.

  2. The “dojo stormer” is an idiot. These guys train a Japanese style of JuJitsu and BJJ. He’s not wearing a BJJ black belt. He’s not making any money – it’s a practice group in a town I used to live in, under my instruction. I have a verifiable purple belt in BJJ. This blue belt is just trying to make a name for himself at someone else’s expense by telling lies and acting tough!

  3. Hey Kat, do you know if the guy said he was training bjj? Or was that bluebelt only going off of the sign on the wall outside? What evidence does he have that the guy was presenting himself as a bjj blackbelt?

  4. srry but a bjj student should know better that its not right to go looking for fights, acting disrespectful is foolish you should be at peace and understand that a belt dosent mean anything even if you got it in a legit fashion you humiliated the bjj community with this rude video i wonder what a real bjj black belt would think of his attitude why didnt you let him show you m.r.i. of brain instead of cutting him off 24/7

  5. As someone who’s earned my brown belt in BJJ and spent over a decade in the sport, I understand that people get upset about fake rank. It mostly doesn’t bother me, since I know that the color of their belt doesn’t change whether or not I can choke them or whether they can choke me. The legitimate complaint is that he could be defrauding students who don’t know better out of their money, and worse giving them a false confidence in their own abilities that could get them hurt.

    That said, the blue belt who did this “dojo storm” to out the fake black belt undermined his entire crusade with his behavior. I would not want someone representing my school who can’t act like an adult even in difficult situations. I’m embarrassed he’s representing the art I’ve spent over a decade of my life trying to learn and help grow. If you can’t think of a more adult way to handle it, then you need to let someone else handle it.

  6. IMO anything like this should be left to higher level ranks. If a legitimate instructor in the area wants to respectfully go into another school and get some answers, so be it. If he wants to take a blue belt along with him to prove a point, I’m fine with that. But for a blue belt to go into a school like this, with a white belt in tow, is beyond my understanding. I can’t imagine that the upper level belts at his school would be happy about this video.

  7. I can’t believe a BJJ Blue Belt is actually dojo storming ?

    He needs to have his BJJ rank stripped from him and then thrown out his club for doing this horsh$t !

  8. Looks to me like the antagonist in this situation needs to understand the expectations of society; i.e. acting like an idiot, and threatening people is not condoned. After years of entertaining morons like this, I finally came to the conclusion that I’d much rather have them arrested. This isn’t Brazil, or any other country for that matter. We are a prosperous and safe country because we have laws that maintain an orderly society. Try to imagine any other profession having people that act like this! Furthermore, if you are confident of yourself, then you don’t have a need or desire to try to intimidate others – who cares what someone else is doing – concern yourself with your own business.

  9. This is easily resolved:

    1. Here, sign this waiver.
    2. Lock the doors.
    3. Let’s roll — taps will not be acknowledged.

    Problem solved.

  10. That guy doing the exposing was annoying, he wanted to get famous off the video clearly. He also kept slapping his leg, clear sign of nervousness lol. Whatever though, if he was presenting himself as a black belt that’s wrong but I got the feeling like this guy went on a witch hunt and found a magician, I didn’t see evidence of him claiming to be a black belt in BJJ and he didn’t insist that he was to the guy’s face… Idk about this one.

  11. This blue belt does not show the respect to people in general to be wearing a blue belt. Wish he would go to my school. He is a disrespecting fool who needs to be slapped.

  12. The instructor clearly states in the very beginning no not in Brazilian jiu jitsu no. So then the blue belt goes off about the sign ur under a false flag blah blah blah. He stated the owner of the building is responsible for the sign (in many cases that is how it works) and that they brought it to his attention and it needs to be fixed. And the blue belt continues to act like a douche. I am a blue belt and never EVER would I go to someone’s school and act like that. It would reflect poorly on me, my professor, and my sport. Way to be a horrible representative of BJJ. If all you really had was a concern about his credentials and claims a simple conversation in the office or outside away from the other students would have been sufficient

  13. I cringed pretty hard at the blue belt dojo stormer. As a fellow blue belt, my thoughts are that this is something for an upper belt to do (brown/black) as well as do it in a more adult fashion. I think we need to protect the art we love, but let’s not be complete dicks about it….


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