Anthony Smith Triangles Devin Clark In First Round Of UFC Fight Night: Smith Vs. Clark

The main event of UFC Fight Night: Smith vs. Clark was a quick one that showcased the jiu-jitsu of Anthony Smith as he got a quick finish on his opponent, Devin Clark.

Clark started the fight aggressively, beginning with a head kick and then forcing Smith up against the cage. Smith got the double underhooks, though, and took Clark to the ground, dragging him toward the center of the octagon. Smith went for the back and got a hook in, and Clark countered by kicking Smith repeatedly on his exposed thigh.

Clark was able to turn in and remove Smith’s back control, but Smith kept a butterfly hook and both underhooks to maintain a hold on his opponent. As Clark tried to flatten out Smith to pass his guard, Smith locked up closed guard, then transitioned to butterfly guard. As Clark tried to pass, Smith found an opening and worked his way to a triangle choke. Clark tried to defend and landed a few punches to Smith’s head in the process, but it was only moments until he tapped.

Smith was declared the winner by submission in just two minutes and 34 seconds into the first round. The victory marked his 34th overall and his 13th by way of submission.


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