Ashton Kutcher Promoted To Brown Belt

Damn, Kelso’s certainly been keeping himself busy.

Ashton Kutcher, star of “That 70’s Show” and more recently “The Ranch” on Netflix, was promoted to brown belt earlier today by his professor Rigan Machado. Sweaty and tired after what looked like practice, the video posted to Instagram shows the actor accepting the belt from Machado after brief protest.

“Wait, give me two-three weeks to get in shape first!” Kutcher argued. Making waves by earning his purple belt from Machado back in 2014, drawing both praise and skepticism from the BJJ community. According to his professor however, Kutcher has the skills to pay the bills.

“His background in wrestling is very high level, I was shocked,” The red-black belt told TMZ in a 2014 interview. Training Kutcher in private lessons for the past few years, quick growth is certainly believable considering who’s doing the teaching.

Here’s hoping we get to see Kutcher employ his grappling prowess in the next John Wick movie. Just 2 1/2 hours of straight omoplatas and Ezekiel chokes. Hollywood, you know what to do.


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