Atlanta Police Officer Caught On Camera Using Jiu-Jitsu to Break Up A Fight

Not every headline that involves a cop being involved in a street altercation is a cause for controversy.

Recently an Atlanta police officer was caught on camera breaking up an altercation by pulling one of the assailants off the other, creating a scramble on the ground, then pulling himself to mount. At first the crowd appears distressed in thinking that this may go down as another case of police brutality, but the reality that unfolded was nothing of the sort. The officer held the mount for several seconds, talked the assailant down, calmed the crowd as one person tried to pull the cop off, then stood up and allowed the assailant to walk away.

You may have been expecting a breakdown of a police incident gone wrong where the central message is why we need to improve officer training, but this video provides evidence that there are cops out there who take pride in their work and truly have the skills to properly and safely serve their community. These cases ought to be recognized and these officers commended for the fine work they do.


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