Atos Standout Jonnatas Gracie Promoted To Black Belt After Winning Worlds

2019 brown belt IBJJF World Champion Jonnatas Gracie will be competing amongst the black belts from now on.

The Atos athlete (who is not related to the other famous Gracies of jiu-jitsu) has established himself as one of the sport’s rising stars over the years, coming straight off an impressive purple belt career and going on to win No-Gi Worlds in 2017 and the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in 2018. After defeating Roberto Jimenez to win gold at this year’s UAEJJF World Pro, he moved on to win double gold at the San Diego Open and then, finally, first place in the middleweight division at Worlds.

Last night, Gracie revealed on social media that his efforts had earned him his black belt from Atos leader Andre Galvao.

With all the progress Gracie has made so far, all that remains to be seen is what he’ll do as a rising black belt star.


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