Australian MMA Fighter Knocks His Opponent Into The Air With A Head Kick

An amateur fight at local Australian MMA promotion Urban Fight Night last weekend ended when Dean Tromans launched his opponent off his feet and into the air with a devastating head kick.

Tromans was fighting against opponent Bimo Adriano in one of the earlier fights of the night. Not long after the competitors entered the second round, Tromans threw a powerful head kick at the same time that Adriano moved to throw a kick of his own. Physics happened, and Adriano was kicked into the air before landing on his back. He was done, and Tromans was declared the winner.

This isn’t even the only big moment from this event, either. The headlining fight, which took place between Randall Rayment and Dean Maxwell, ended in a brutal calf kick that has left Maxwell unable to walk for three months.

Tromans, for his part, went home with the first win of his amateur career, and he’s already booked in for his next fight at Eternal MMA in a few short weeks.


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