Australian Teenager Dies While Training For Muay Thai Fight

An 18 year old from Perth, Australia, died while training for a Muay Thai fight according to a report from 9 News Perth yesterday.

The teenager, whose name is Jessica, died while cutting weight. The report said she collapsed while running in order to cut weight. The collapse was apparently due to “severe dehydration.”

Jessica was rushed to the hospital, but died four days later.

Nine days before the event, Jessica said on social media that she was feeling “fit and ready” but described cutting weight as “sick” two days before the event.

“There is a point of no return, and it is quite extreme, and it’s beyond dehydration,” said Dr. Joe Kosterich. “It goes almost into what some would call heat exhaustion or heat shock.”

Kosterich continued.

It [cutting weight] is a real issue for people who are amateurs. I mean, professional fighters, professional sports people, who are preparing for an event, they’ll be coached, they’ll be monitored. 

Doctors have still not determined the exact cause of death.

You can watch the report from 9 News Perth below:



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