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Acacia Parks Mo began training BJJ in early 2015 and is now a blue belt. She trains under Jason Williard at JW BJJ in Ravenna, OH and Jeff Starr at Griffonrawl Combat Sports & Fitness in Mentor, OH. She's had the privilege of learning from Pedro Sauer, Henry Akin, Kurt Osiander, Mike Bidwell, Michelle Nicolini, Rachel Casias, and many others. As a woman in BJJ, and someone who was obese, horribly out of shape, not particularly aggressive, and well over 30 when she started training, Acacia has a lot to say about taking the non-traditional training path. She lives in NE Ohio with her husband, CS, and her 4-year-old, Cassie, both of whom also train, and when she is not training, she loves to Scuba and is Chief Scientist for a New York-based tech startup called Happify.