Batista or Lepri? Your New IBJJF Euro Black Belt Champions Are…

Results continue to make their way out of Lisbon, Portugal, where the 2019 IBJJF European Championships have been underway all weekend. Some notable moments stood out immediately: lightweight Lucas Lepri’s tear through the heavily weighted Absolute division (though he ultimately took second in a loss to Gustavo Batista); Mayssa Bastos’ continued rise in her victory over Sabrina Gebrelli; Rudson Mateus’ comeback win versus Gabriel Almeida after 2018’s disappointing Euros loss; and Ffion Davies’ choking her way to gold over Gabi Fletcher, one of only two submission finishes in the female black belt competition.

The complete list of black belt champions is as follows:


Roosterweight: Mayssa Bastos def Serena Gabrielli 0-0, 2-0 adv

Light-featherweight: Amal Amjahid def Larissa Campos 0-0, 1-0 adv

Featherweight: Ffion Davies def Gabi Fechter via choke

Lightweight: Charlotte von Baumgarten def Bianca Basilio 2-0

Middleweight: Samantha Cook def Glaucia Braga via choke

Medium-Heavyweight: Luiza Monteiro def Claudia do Val 6-0

Heavyweight: Nathiely de Jesus def Claire-France Thevenon via toehold

Super-Heavyweight: Carina Santi def Jessica Flowers 3-0

Absolute: Nathiely de Jesus def Luiza Monteiro 4-4, adv 


Roosterweight: Rodnei Barbosa def Tomoyuki Hashimoto 2-2, 2-1 adv

Light-featherweight: Joao Miyao & Hiago George

Featherweight: Paulo Miyao def Isaac Doederlein 7-2

Lightweight: Levi Jones-Leary def Lucas Lepri via decision (2-2, 2-2 adv)

Middleweight: Isaque Bahiense def Tommy Langaker 4-2

Medium-Heavyweight: Rudson Mateus def Gabriel Almeida via armbar

Heavyweight: Gustavo Batista & Kaynan Duarte – close out

Super-Heavyweight: Fellipe Andrew def Helton Junior via triangle

Ultra-Heavyweight: Victor Honorio vs Tanner Rice 6-0  

Absolute: Gustavo Batista def Lucas Lepri 10-0

Full video coverage of the event and matches is available at FloGrappling.


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