Beneil Dariush Defeats Tony Ferguson In UFC 262 Co-Main Event

The co-main event of UFC 262 saw former brown belt IBJJF No-Gi World Champion Beneil Dariush put his grappling skills on full display against former Interim UFC Lightweight Champion Tony Ferguson.

Dariush came out aggressive, connecting with an early hand and keeping Ferguson on his heels with steady, consistent combos. Ferguson did an impressive job dodging many of Dariush’s punches, but was unable to stop a takedown that brought the fight to the canvas. Ferguson was able to create space and land an up-kick to Dariush’s face. After keeping Dariush’s passing attempts at bay, Ferguson was able to trap his opponent in closed guard, where both fighters traded blows. Ferguson’s guard opened, and Dariush resumed his passing work, which resumed until the round ended.

Dariush opened round two by driving Ferguson back against the cage, but his takedown attempt backfired to some extent when Ferguson locked in a d’arce choke from guard. Dariush worked his way out of danger just before the three-minute mark, and the fighters battered each other from Ferguson’s closed guard. After Ferguson’s guard opened, he managed to elevate Dariush away from him, getting to his feet but nearly falling victim to a back-take from Dariush in the process. He shook off Dariush and landed in the top position, but Dariush capitalized to sink in a heel hook. For a moment, it looked like this would be it for Ferguson, but he was able to kick himself free and bring Dariush back to closed guard. Round two finished with Dariush trying to pass Ferguson’s guard once more.


The start of round three was much like what the first two rounds had offered, with the fighters exchanging punches and kicks shortly before Dariush went for a takedown. Ferguson’s attempts to get a guillotine were in vain, and Dariush moved to north-south while Ferguson planted his feet on the fence. Dariush moved to side control and then briefly to mount before Ferguson was able to regain his guard. Both athletes got their final punches in from Ferguson’s guard before the fight finished.


Beneil Dariush was declared the winner by unanimous decision. He said in his post-fight interview that he would be taking some time off to spend time with his daughter.



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