The Reason Why Bernardo Faria Went Rage On Erberth Santos At IBJJF Worlds Finals

The reason Bernardo Faria went rage on Erberth Santos was because it was the first time he was insulted by a fellow professional.

Sure, Faria could have controlled his emotions better, but it was something that he did not expect, and it made him feel completely disrespected.

He is not arguing against the loss, as he believes the fight was fair. It is his opponent’s conduct that he has the problem with. It is easy to see why he lost his temper after 17 years of professional jiu-jitsu.

Bernardo has respect for the sport, the art, and all those involved in jiu-jitsu. The conduct Santos displayed was simply beneath the sport, which might have been a contributing factor in the way Faria reacted.

“Unfortunately I lost the final of the world in my category 2017 and finished in second place. For those who watched the finale, you probably saw that at the end of the fight I lost it and started acting with emotion. The reason I have lost my mind was because for the first time in my entire career (17 years competing), my opponent was talking things completely disrespectful to me during the struggle, once he got to mount. That’s why I started to act with more emotion and not the reason.
I lost the fight, and independent that have happened or not, I really missed, but it’s a shame that after competing for 17 years, and make 9 (nine) the end of the world as a black belt, I found an adversary Who Acts that way. Only one!
But anyway, I’m sure life still will teach him that…
Anyway, I would like to thank everyone for all the love and support of you rooting for me. I lost, but come out with your head held high because I know I gave my maximo in every fight and every moment! Thank you all from my heart! Osssss”


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