Bia Mesquita Defeats Thamara Ferreira In Rematch At BJJ Stars 5

In one of the most anticipated matches of today’s BJJ Stars 5 event, Bia Mesquita faced off against Thamara Ferreira in a rematch following a win from Mesquita at BJJ Stars 4.

Ferreira pulled guard immediately, and Mesquita countered with a double-under pass, stacking her opponent until Ferreira rolled through and went back to her feet. Ferreira pulled guard again, and this time, Mesquita quickly made her way to half- and then 3/4-mount. As Mesquita tried to move to side control, Mesquita again escaped danger by rolling to her feet, and Mesquita earned an advantage for her efforts. Ferreira pulled guard again, and the competitors went out of bounds as Mesquita tried to pass.

With about six minutes left to go, Ferreira pulled guard again, and this time, Mesquita sat back for a heel hook. She had a strong bite, but Ferreira was able to roll out of danger and out of bounds. As the competitors returned to the center, they opted to work from the feet and wrestle for a bit, and as Ferreira went for a takedown, Mesquita sprawled on top of her and tried to scramble to the back before the two went out of bounds again. Mesquita twice went for a jumping guillotine, using the second attempt to snap Ferreira up so she could go for a leg and try to get her to the ground. Again, though, Ferreira avoided danger, and the competitors were reset after going out of bounds.

With under a minute and a half to go, Ferreira went for a takedown, and Mesquita defended and then scooped up a single-leg of her own, getting Ferreira down and collecting two points before they went out of bounds. Another reset, a little bit of handfighting, and Ferreira pulled guard again as Mesquita tried to pass with the double-under again. In the final seconds of the match, Ferreira tried to come up for a sweep, and Mesquita capitalized by going for another heel hook, which Ferreira avoided. Ferreira returned to the feet and went for a last-second takedown, but Mesquita shut it down with a sprawl, scurrying to the back as time ran out.

Mesquita was declared the winner of the match via points, 2-0.


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