BJJ Black Belt Needs Help With Sister’s Surgery

Rubens Charles Cobrinha black belt, Isaac Doederlein needs our help. Doederlein put a post up on Gofundme for his sister, Lera, who needs to have her leg amputated.

According to the Isaac’s Gofundme:

For those of you don’t know, my little sister Lera was born 14 years ago with Arthrogryposis in her legs. My family adopted her from Russia when she was just a baby. This has left her unable to walk her entire life, only using braces on her legs and crutches to get around. With more than a dozen surgeries throughout her entire life, we have always had the hopes of her being able to walk someday.  She was told last summer by her doctors that she wouldn’t be able to use her braces and crutches much longer and that she would have to use a wheelchair the rest of her life. She will be undergoing a serious surgery this Thursday, a double leg amputation. Although its a scary thought, we have strong hopes that this surgery will make her life much easier, and allow her to live a more comfortable life.

These funds will help cover her surgery expenses, physical therapy, prosthetics, wheel chair rentals and etc.

Thank you to everyone who decides to help. We love and appreciate you all.

The Doederlein Family

If you’re able to give anything, or you just want to show your support, please go the Isaac Doederlein’s Gofundme page here.


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