BJJ Black Belt Rafael Freitas Accused of Drugging and Raping a Student (Exclusive Comment From GB North America)

ALBUQUERQUE, NM- Former IBJJF Master’s Champion and black belt competitor Rafael “Barata” Freitas is accused of drugging and then raping one of his students early last month. Yesterday, a report from the Albuquerque Journal revealed that he’s being charged with criminal sexual penetration and is currently imprisoned.

Reading the criminal complaint filed in Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, the alleged victim was having Freitas over for a massage session and breakfast on November, 7 when the drugging occurred.

The woman said she drank half a glass of wine and then ate breakfast and drank orange juice with Freitas before the practice began. Returning after a quick bathroom break, she found that Freitas had poured her another glass of orange juice.

After adding a shot of whiskey and ginger ale to the drink, the woman proceeded to the massage. Half an hour later she began to feel sleepy mid massage. She said she passed out, and awoke hours later with her pants and undergarments removed. Freitas was nowhere to be seen.

The woman told police she messaged Freitas to express her embarrassment and to inquire about her nudity. He responded, “Yeah, you were fine don’t feel this way at all you’re good.”

Remembering she had a security camera installed in her living room, she made a copy of the video for the authorities.

According to the detective, the video shows Freitas moving his hand near the glass, possibly confirming that he drugged the woman.

The detective said Freitas is seen removing her shorts and appears to force oral sex on her while she’s non responsive. The woman’s limbs move like “dead weight” indicating she’s unconscious. Freitas then moves the woman’s limp hand to his genitals, then leaves. It would be 50 minutes before the woman stirred awake.

The victim, a student of Freitas for several years, stated to a detective that Freitas was often overly flirtatious and inappropriate in their interactions before the incident, despite his being married. She maintained that no romantic relationship had ever existed between the two.

A major part of Jackson Wink MMA, Freitas has helped coach UFC stars like Holly Holm and showcases pictures of himself and other athletes prominently on his Instagram. Though according to Jackson Wink rep James Hallinan:

“He is not an employee of Jackson Wink Academy and never has been.”

Freitas was previously associated with Gracie Barra New Mexico, his Instagram bio naming him as its head coach and multiple photos posted of him training there. Receiving his black belt from Carlos Jr, he’s been one of the most noted GB members in active competition for many years. Earlier today, a representative of Gracie Barra North America released the following statement on the situation exclusively to the Jiu-Jitsu Times.

“Gracie Barra North America has been made aware of this serious allegation. If proven to be true, this offense is a direct violation of Gracie Barra’s sexual harassment and sexual conduct policies. This is not what GB represents. At this time we will allow the authorities to finish their investigation before making further comment.”

-GB North America 

The JJT will continue to follow this story as it develops.


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