BJJ Legend Sergio Penha Given 8th-Degree Red And White Coral Belt

Sergio Penha has received his 8th-degree red and white coral belt.

The BJJ legend received his belt at the Master Worlds. Video of his promotion was posted yesterday on Facebook.

BJJ is one of the toughest martial arts to get ranked up in. Unlike some martial arts, where getting a black belt is simply a matter of sticking around long enough, getting a BJJ black belt is a long arduous process that often takes no less than eight years and demands that students not only know the moves, but are able to perform them on fully resisting opponents.

The journey doesn’t end at black belt either. After your instructor ties that coveted strap of black fabric around your waist, it takes takes over thirty years to get the 7th-degree red and black belt, and even more for the 8th-degree red and white belt.

Master Penha is therefore an elite among elite, and we here at theĀ Jiu-Jitsu Times would like to congratulate him on his huge achievement!


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