Australian BJJ Practitioner Found Dead In Brazil

Australian Rye Duval Hunt went to Brazil as part of a daring worldwide adventure. The 25-year old left his home country on April 7 and has been missing since May 21. His last known whereabouts is the Rio de Janeiro International Airport. On June 8, his body was found on a beach in Marica in an advanced state of decomposition.

Forensic tests have confirmed the body’s identity. Hunt’s family has already been informed by the Australian Embassy and has issued a statement regarding the matter. Rye Hunt is set to be returned to Australia at the soonest possible time.

The investigation is still ongoing. It is believed that Hunt and his travel companion had an argument on the night of May 21 at the airport. This was allegedly fueled by a party drug called MDMA. They split up to cool down with an arrangement to meet again but he never returned. Instead he rented a Copacabana apartment. There were several reported sightings of Hunt around the area since he was declared missing. The discovery of his body may shed light on his death.


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