BJJ WOODSTOCK: Sub Spectrum’s “Three Days of Peace” To Be The Biggest Party In Martial Arts

Photo/Facebook: Jordan Jitsu

Is it a day ending in Y in the year 2020? Then odds are you’re reading this on a friend’s phone after your house burned down costing you all your worldly possessions and your seven goldfish. Also you have the plague and cops might kill you if you’re black (pre-2020 issue but still VERY relevant.)

You know what would cheer everyone up? Blaring live music and agreed-upon violence!

BJJ competitor turned nationally renowned guerrilla journalist Jordan Peitzman is throwing the biggest party the grappling world has ever seen. Under the banner of his promotion Sub Spectrum, the “Three Days of Peace” festival is set to be three days of great bands, open BJJ comps, and professional level matches located in lovely Des Moines, Iowa. Peitzman spread the announcement on social media earlier today.

“Quite honestly, an event of this caliber is something I’ve been preparing for my entire life,” Peitzman said in an exclusive JJT interview. Since founding Sub Spectrum in 2017, the Iowa native has remained committed to throwing bigger shows with names from around the globe. Stemming from a lifetime of throwing parties, Peitzman wants this new event to address a myriad of concerns facing people in and outside of the martial arts community.

“In my opinion there is no better time than now. This is what the community needs right now. A common cause… unity… a reason to come together. People need something to be excited about, something to look forward to. This is that. This is a weekend that will go down in the history books, not only for the sport of Jiu Jitsu, but for the state of Iowa and the city of Des Moines. It’s time to show the world how special my city is,” Peitzman said.

Dated for August 21-23, the event will include an open round robin tournament for all age groups Saturday morning and pro matches/showcases in the evening. Live music is expected Friday and Sunday, with bands to be announced at a later date. The historic Franklin Jr. High (surprisingly not a school) will serve as the venue For both concerts and matches.

Ticket information along with more details can be found here.


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