Black Belt IHop Waiter Took Down Robber

An IHOP waiter with a third-degree black belt (Unknown) took down a robber.

Elijah Arnold was working at an IHOP when he saw two suspicious men and one woman come in the restaurant.

“When I stepped into the galley, I just got that feeling where I needed to wait and listen,” he told NBC4.

Soon, he heard the cash register pop open, and that is where he swung into action.

I like, ran up. He like, swung the crowbar at me. I blocked with [my left] arm, I hit him with [my right] hand and I pulled him to the ground. During that process, I don’t know if my face hit the register or hit the ground or just hit him in the face – because he has a scar on his head and I have a big old bloody nose now.

The robber tried to plead with Arnold, saying that he just needed the money. However, he wasn’t getting any sympathy from the black belt. Elijah Arnold was homeless two weeks ago, and he never resorted to stealing.

“That was my money in the register.  It was my manager’s money in the register. And it was my IHOP’s money in the register,” Arnold said. “And I’m not going to let anybody take that.”

NBC4 did not specify which martial art Elijah Arnold held a black belt in.



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