Blue Belt Submits Nutjob Threatening to Stab Innocent Bystanders

Work is hard enough without customers threatening to, you know, stab everyone. But Mondays, amiright?

The story goes like this. Six months ago some–and I don’t want to generalize here but it is Ireland, so lets just use the phrase “possibly intoxicated”–guy is at a bar harassing patrons and being a general POS. He’s asked to leave, and does. Then, ten minutes later, he returns and starts screaming he’s fixing stab folks.

At this point an employee and blue belt out of Team Berserkers MMA shows the assailant the problem with bringing beer muscles to a grappling match. Weighing in at 220lbs. of 40-year-old manstrength, he takes the harasser down, chokes him into submission, releases those squished arteries, and keeps the conscious perpetrator subdued until police arrive:

The video is hard to see, but the whole thing went down via rear-naked choke and gravity. Employee of the Month right there.


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