Brains And Brawn: Powerlifting Blue/Purple Belts To Face Off At Jiu-Jitsu Tournament

Most who train BJJ are familiar with the tales of Helio Gracie using technique and skill to overpower larger and stronger opponents. But what if you take those big dudes and give them the technique to augment their strength?

This evening, FloGrappling’s “Who’s Number One?” event will host a mixed belt match between powerlifters Chad Wesley Smith (blue belt) and Nisma Inyang (purple belt).

While both have different levels of grappling experience, a brief scan of their Instagram pages will reveal that these guys are no strangers to torturing themselves. Chad has a max bench of 566 lbs. and Nisma can deadlift over 600 lbs. for reps.

Though reliance on strength is often frowned upon in the sport, of two people of equal skill face off on the mat then the stronger competitor will be able to enact their game plan more effectively.

I could continue, but instead here’s a few videos of these two meat titans lifting absurd weights to make us all feel small and puny. Catch their match on flograppling’s website this evening at 7:12 PST!


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