Brasileiro 2017 Is Coming Up & It Should Be Incredible

Leandro Lo

CBJJ/IBJJF Brazilian Nationals tournament is coming up, and the people of Sao Paulo are more than excited to have the jiu jitsu event at the Jose Correa venue. The event is sometimes called the Brasileiro, and this marks the 24th time the tournament has taken place.

The competition has attracted super stars like Rubens Charles, Otávio Sousa, Gabriel Arges or Michael Langhi just to name a few.

Many are going to be tuning in to see Rodnei Barbosa who is last year’s champion and will be defending his title. Barbosa seems ready to take on new fighters and take home the gold once again.

The fighters are being broken up by weight to ensure a fair fight, of course. Some people may not know this, but the tournament is becoming quite popular amongst women, too. The female black belt division of the Brasileiros used to have about three fighters per weight class, but that has changed.

The roster has increased. Some of the world’s best female fighters are going to be fighting for gold in this tournament. This includes people like Bianca Basillo and Luiza Monteiro.

There is no telling what might happen during this competition, but it is sure to be one of the most exciting jiu jitsu events in recent times.


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