Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt Helps Cops Control Escaped Drunk Driver


A Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt in Bournemouth, England, helped officers control an escaped drunk driver.

Ray Clark, a Certified Under CFSBJJ David Malandro Onuma blue belt, was teaching a children’s jiu-jitsu class when he saw police pull a car over outside.

According to the British newspaper, Mirror, the “bulky driver…soon began man-handling the smaller officer, pulling and pushing him around.”


That is when Mr. Clark decided to step in.

“I used a Filipino martial arts move first while the man was standing,” Clark told Mirror. “He still struggled violently so I quickly took the man to the ground by using a very simple jiu-jitsu take down. I then controlled him until the officer managed to take out leg restraints and secure his legs. The actions I took were very simple but effective jiu-jitsu controlling moves. I know police have training in these situations, but I think a lot more could be done to help stop this type of scenario, such as martial arts training.”

The individual under arrest, Arkadiusz Danczyszyn, was sentenced to four weeks in prison and fined 115 British pounds. He will also not be allowed to drive for five years.



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