Brendan Schaub Talks To Joe Rogan About Backstage Nate Diaz Confrontation

Former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub didn´t want any trouble from Nate Diaz when he ran into him backstage at the Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight on Saturday night.

But that is exactly what he got.

¨Showtime wanted me to go do this post-fight show thing so I’m going and I see Nate Diaz and he’s by himself on his phone,¨Schaub told Joe Rogan on The Joe Rogan Experience. ¨I see him and I think, same fraternity, UFC guys. . . I just figured, we’re brothers in arms here.

Schaub continued:

And he starts laughing. He’s like, ¨Aw hell no. How f***ing stupid do you look now? How stupid do you look, talking all this s***?¨

And I’m like, ¨Woah, what are you doing right now? What the hell are you doing right now?’ And he keeps talking so I go, ¨Nate, he doesn’t look that stupid. He won rounds against the best boxer of all time.¨

Then Nate’s like, ¨He didn’t win rounds. He gave him one round.¨

Alright, man. Either way. He won rounds though. What are you doing?’ And he keeps talking s***. Then he starts talking about my career and I’m like, what is going on right now? I went, ¨Nate, I have no issues with you. You’re pointing your gun at the wrong guy. What are you doing right now? You should be selling this fight against Conor, not me. I’m not the guy. I’m in skinny jeans and Gucci boots for God’s sakes. What are you doing right now?¨

It wasn´t only Nate´s attacks on him that he didn´t understand, either. As any MMA fan knows, the younger Diaz has a bit of a lisp, and that didn’t make him easier to understand, especially backstage in a loud auditorium.

This is the part I left out, this is what triggered him. I was talking and I literally couldn’t hear him and I was like, ¨Nate, use your words. I can’t understand a word you’re saying. Use. Your. Words.¨ And he has that lisp or whatever so that probably set him off. But I have no issues with Nate.

Check out the video below:




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