Brian Ortega Allegedly Assaults Korean Zombie’s Translator At UFC 248

Insert “had a choice” meme here.

Brian Ortega reportedly assaulted Korean singer and Chan Sung Jung’s translator Jay Park at UFC 248. News broke that Ortega waited until Jung left to use the bathroom before engaging with Park. Following the altercation, Ortega was escorted from the building.

According to a past Instagram comment made by Ortega, the issue was started over comments made by Park while translating for Jung in the build up to his scrapped fight with Ortega earlier this year. In response, Jung released a statement over Instagram detailing his anger with Ortega and a promise to punish him in the octagon.

In a statement made by Jung’s management team Iridium Sports to MMA Junkie, police reports were filed immediately after the incident.

“Both teams were contacted prior to last night’s event and were asked by the UFC to be respectful and to not have any confrontations,” House wrote. “Our team respected the UFC’s request and maintained our professionalism throughout the night. Police reports were filed immediately after the incident occurred and now it’s a matter for law enforcement officials to handle. Korean Zombie has always been a class act and will continue to be. Our objective remains the same; to put ourselves in the best position both inside and outside the cage to become the featherweight champion this year,” said Iridium Sports manager Jason House.

Having to pull from his last fight due to ACL issues, Ortega has been removed from the spotlight for over a year and a half. This action flies against his old public persona of being very cordial with opponents Like Frankie Edgar and Max Holloway.

Fortunately for Ortega, Park has no plans to sue him.

No word yet on a potential fight between the two. The JJT will follow this story as it develops.


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