Brittney Elkin Is About To Take On Kayla Harrison, Here’s The Advice She Got From Her Friends

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What advice would your friends give you if you were about to take on Kayla Harrison in her MMA debut?

Keep your distance?

Watch the sweeps?

Get really good at judo really fast?

Probably, but that’s not the advice Harrison’s opponent, Brittney Olinda Elkin got from her friends when they learned she was about to take on an Olympic gold medalist in her next MMA fight.

“My friends told me to hit her in the gold medals,” Elkin told The Jiu-Jitsu Times via Facebook instant messenger.

Brittney Elkin vs Kayla Harrison PFL June 21st 155 Chicago

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Elkin’s friends probably weren’t serious, but if they were, she’d have plenty of targets to hit. Besides her two gold medals in the Olympics, Harrison has won gold in the World Judo Championships, Pan American Games, and Pan American Judo Championships.

Harrison and Elkin will be locking horns at Professional Fighters League 2, set to go down at the Chicago Theater in Chicago, Illinois. The two will fight at 155 pounds, which couldn’t make Elkin happier:

“People don’t know I walk at 185 pounds,” she told us. “Huge lady. I always have to cut around 30 pounds for my fights at 145. It’s very taxing and I always say my soul weighs 10 pounds and I lose it when I make the cut.”

Elkin also joked that she is confident she won’t have to cut hair to make weight again, which she was forced to do at her last Bellator bout.

“My team and I feel confident about this bout,” she said. “I don’t think I will have to cut off my hair.”

Let’s hope.

Kayla Harrison will take on Brittney Olinda Elkin at June 21. Those who can’t make it to Chicago can watch all of the fights on Facebook.


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