Brown Belt Brutally Tortures Mother of Rayron Gracie in Brazil

Elaine Caparroz, mother of fighter Rayron Gracie, was held against her will and tortured on the morning of February 17 according to Brazilian media. The alleged abuser was identified as brown belt Vinicius Batista Serra, a 27-year-old law student Caparroz appeared to know primarily through social media, though Kyra Gracie commented that the two had met in person before. The attack occurred over several hours in Caparroz’s home in Rio, and the photographs are shocking. 

Reports suggest that Serra signed into Caparroz’s building by leaving the false name “Felipe” with the doorman when he arrived for a prearranged meeting with Caparroz. At some point during the visit, Serra claims to have had a psychotic blackout. During this time he savagely beat, strangled, and bit Caparroz multiple times, breaking her nose, orbital, and teeth. Her screams were eventually heard by other residents who called police and apparently caught Serra in the act. 

“He bit into her body to force her to let go of his arm to strangle her. She knew that if he got her neck, she would die,” Kyra Gracie said. She stressed that Caparroz does not train jiu-jitsu, and that Serra is “a person who messes up the image of our sport.”

Caparroz was initially admitted into the ICU upon arrival at the hospital. She is currently listed as stable.

Rayron Gracie posted a photo of him with his mother to Instagram, saying “I love you mom.” 

Kyra Gracie took to Instagram, posting the face of Serra and the horrific photos of Caparroz, calling him a coward and calling for justice for what appears to be premeditated attempted murder. She also spoke to, warning women against meeting individuals met on social media. 

“You do not know who you’re talking to on social networks. The person looks good, has the cute little face, but deep down it may not be,” said Kyra Gracie.


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