UFC Announcer Bruce Buffer Says Anyone Defending Conor McGregor ‘Has A Problem’

Like much of the media and MMA world, UFC cage announcer Bruce Buffer was absolutely disgusted with Conor McGregor’s violent, physical attacks on UFC fighters shortly before UFC 223.

Buffer told TMZ:

I could say a lot of words personally, but we’ll see how it all pans out. There’s no excuse for it. It’s an insult, it’s disgusting, I mean that’s not what we’re about.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the MMA community has been as critical of McGregor. Recently, former UFC Middleweight Champion “The Count” Michael Bisping told TMZ:

Conor is just trying to look after his boys, right? Which you got to applaud him for. He made a mistake. That’s all it is.

Before that, Nate Diaz — who ironically once had bottles thrown at him by Conor — came to the Irishman’s defense, saying that reigning Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov shouldn’t have tried to “punk” Conor’s teammate, Artem Lobov:

Buffer, however, is not hearing any of it.

“I don’t care who they are, anybody that justifies that [McGregor’s actions] has a problem,” he told TMZ. “I could say something else right now, and I want to say it, but I’m telling you they have a problem. I’m being very polite.”

He continued:

Perception is reality out there. I don’t understand how anybody can condone that kind of behavior, and if they do, then obviously they will be willing to do that kind of behavior.

The “voice of the octagon” also called out people looking to put some of the blame on the UFC for the McGregor melee.

All I can say is don’t look at the UFC, don’t look at the great fighters of mixed martial arts, any of us involved with the UFC and mixed martial arts, because this was something that occurred with one individual. It’s separate from who we are.

Perhaps, when making those remarks, Buffer was thinking of articles like this one from The Daily Beast, which seemed to blame the UFC for Conor’s behavior by saying:

That McGregor would unleash real-world violence shouldn’t entirely come as a surprise. For years, his racist taunts, over-the-top, braggadocious persona, and propensity for boundary-pushing stunts have have been given a wide berth by the UFC, to say the least. It’s worked, too, earning both them and McGregor countless riches, brought in a legion of fans, and made McGregor the sport’s biggest and, for the moment, only star attraction.

You can watch Bruce Buffer’s interview with TMZ below:


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