Buchecha’s In No Rush To Do MMA

Marcus Almeida “Buchecha” is in no hurry to enter the cage. In an interview with MMA Fighting, Buchecha said that, while getting into MMA was in the back of his head and it was something he wants to do, he wasn’t getting the offers necessary to trade in his gi for a pair of shorts and gloves:

“MMA is something that is still in the back of my head,” Almeida told MMA Fighting. “Like I said, I’m going to do sooner or later, but anything that didn’t like bring me like…nobody asked for…nobody gave me a good proposition, a good offer, so I don’t see like I need to, I rush to MMA because jiu-jitsu’s doing…I’m doing good with jiu-jitsu. I can make a living, a good living off this sport, so I’m not in a rush about that, so let’s see…let’s see what happens.”

For now, Buchecha is focused on jiu-jitsu. He plans on spending 2017 and 2018 teaching seminars and competing in big name tournaments like ADCC.

You can check out his interview with MMA Fighting below.


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