Bully Gets Slammed, Knocked Out Cold

Some high school bully learned the hard way that he needs to keep his hands to himself — especially up against a kid who knows how to throw someone around like a doll.

The incident took place at what looks like a high school in the United States, though it is not yet known where.

The video shows a student in a black shirt walk up behind a student in a white shirt.┬áThe background noise makes it hard to hear what is being said, but one of them clearly says, “Say something to my face, bro,” and “You a bitch, bro.”

The student in the black then throws a punch. It’s hard to see if it landed or not, but if it did, it didn’t do any harm. It also helped the kid in the white set up a perfect throw that knocks the kid in the black completely out.

The students all gasp as they watch the bully hit the ground.

“Damn!” one of them yells. “Out fucking cold!”

Though his attacker was unconscious on the floor, the kid in the white throws a couple of extra punches as students look on. The video then cuts off as another student says, “That’s what happens when you…”


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