Caio Terra, Bruno Malfacine And Mikey Musumeci Could Face Off In World IBJJF Championships

The now public brackets for the 2019 World IBJJF Championship place three former champions, Caio Terra, Bruno Malfacine and Mikey Musumeci, in the same bracket. These three are all multiple time world champions and could face each other in the same set of preliminary matches.

Terra most most recently stood atop the first place podium in 2017 for the No-Gi World Championship. Malfacine held the 57 kg title in 2018 and 17. Musumeci beat Ary Farias for the 64 kg title in 2018.

Suffice to say, the prelims for this event are certainly going to be interesting to watch. The fact that we could be getting champion level matches before the actual final will help this be an event that no one in the BJJ community should miss.

The tournament will be held June 1 and can streamed through Flograppling.


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