Car Crashes Through Wall Of Charlotte Gym In The Middle Of BJJ Class

A group of coaches and students at Leadership Martial Arts in Charlotte, North Carolina narrowly escaped danger when a car crashed through the wall of the gym in the middle of a BJJ class.

The incident happened on Saturday and was captured on surveillance video.

The owner of the gym, Derek Richardson, told local news station WCCB Charlotte that it appeared that the driver had gone over the curb at high speed, traveling over the neighbor’s detention pond before crashing into the studio and across the mats.

The driver was transported to the hospital, and details of his condition haven’t been made public. Thankfully, no one else was hurt.

Thankfully, despite the destruction of his gym and terrifying nature of the incident, Richardson has found the humor in such a challenging time.

Hopefully, both the driver and the gym come out of this harrowing situation just fine.


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