Cat Zingano Has Been Released From The UFC

Image Source: Cat Zingano via Instagram

Former UFC title contender Cat Zingano has been removed from the UFC roster, according to MMA Fighting.

Zingano, who had fought for the promotion since 2013, was one of the first women to ever fight for the UFC. Her early career in the Octagon quickly established her prowess as a fighter, TKO-ing both Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes (the latter of whom hasn’t lost a fight since her bout with Zingano).

As time passed, however, Zingano faced hiccups in her career due to injuries (including an ACL tear that kept her out for a year) and time off. She lost four of her last five fights, with her last one in December 2018 coming from a TKO via eye poke from Megan Anderson.

As of now, it’s unclear where Zingano will continue her career if she continues to pursue fighting.


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