Chael Sonnen Defeats Wanderlei Silva Via Dominant Unanimous Decision, Calls Out Fedor

It’s been years in the making, but tonight MMA fans all over the world finally got to see “The American Gangster” Chael Sonnen take on “The Axe Murderer” Wanderlei Silva

…and it was all Chael Sonnen!

The match went down as the second half of the Bellator 180 double main event, live from New York City’s famed Madison Square Garden.

Chael dominated all three rounds with his double leg takedowns. In fact, Wanderlei didn’t even seem to attempt a sprawl. Every time Chael charged in for the double, Wanderlei just went down and ate punch after punch and elbow after elbow from The American Gangster.

Granted, The Axe Murderer was able to drop Chael halfway through the first — much to the enjoyment of the man who beat Chael before, Tito Ortiz — but he was never able to capitalize on it.

When the third round ended with Wanderlei on his back and Chael on top, Silva pushed Sonnen off of him and stormed away, throwing his hands up in disgust. He left the the cage before he could be interviewed.

Chael, on the other hand, had plenty to talk about in post-fight interview. First, he couldn’t help but continue to troll New Yorkers by blurting out, “Goddamn, I hate New York!” Next, he claimed he tapped Tito Ortiz in a minute (it was actually the other way around), and finally he called out the “doughy headed” Last Emperor, Fedor Emelianenko.

Chael versus Fedor??? That could probably sell some tickets.

But until then, Chael Sonnen can enjoy his victory.

The "American Gangster" is BACK!! Chael Sonnen beats "The Axe Murderer" Wanderlei Silva! He wins tonight by unanimous decision! #BellatorNYC

Posted by Bellator MMA on Saturday, June 24, 2017


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