Chris Weidman Shares Before-And-After X-Rays Of Broken Leg

In case you somehow missed it, Chris Weidman broke his leg just seconds into his fight against Uriah Hall at UFC 261 over the weekend. The horrific injury happened when Weidman threw his first leg kick of the night, which was checked by Hall and resulted in Weidman stepping back on a leg that folded beneath him

Since Weidman’s wife revealed that the fighter had received surgery to mend the injury, Weidman has been sharing updates from the hospital. And earlier today, he gave his followers a literal inside look at his injury and what it looks like now after the surgery.

Weidman added on Instagram, “Special thanks to Dr. Gitlin for performing a successful surgery and being so helpful during the entire process. Also, a big thank you to Dr. Davidson from the @ufc for making sure I was taken care of properly and speaking to these doctors on my behalf. It made me feel so much better having him involved because I know he had my back. The primary concern is the bone punctured through my calf and skin when I put my weight on it, making sure the laceration doesn’t get infected.”

While the x-ray isn’t necessarily a surprise to anyone who saw Weidman’s leg break on live TV, it’s still a sobering reminder of just how much damage one kick can do… even to the person throwing it.



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