Chris Weidman Submits Kelvin Gastelum With Third Round Head And Arm Choke

Chris Weidman is back in the win column!

The former UFC Middleweight Champion took on Kelvin Gastelum on Saturday night at UFC on Fox 25, earning his victory in front of excited fans in his home state of New York.

Besides having the home crowd advantage. Weidman also walked in with a huge reach and height advantage, as well a stronger wrestling background.

He used all of them to his advantage.

Chris Weidman took his opponent down no fewer than seven times throughout their three-round battle. He would go in for a takedown, usually a single. Then, as Gastelum would try to roll out of Weidman’s side control, Chris would take his back and pound away at him.

There was one point in the fight where it seemed as if things might go in Kelvin’s direction — when he nailed Weidman with a left late in the first round, dropping the former Middleweight Champion who was only saved by the clock.

However, the rest of the fight was a wrestling lesson for Kelvin, with Weidman showing the 25-year-old TUF winner all of the fine points on how to hold an opponent’s back and keep him down.

It was in the third round that Weidman ended the fight. Kelvin turned to his back, but Chris got a hold of his arm and neck. From there he used his size and strength advantage to strangle his opponent.

Weidman was worried about this fight. After all, he was riding a three-fight losing streak, and a fourth loss could have meant his job.

Thankfully for Chris Weidman and his fans all around the world, he will still have a home in the UFC!


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