CJJ Full Results: Elias Anderson Becomes Bantamweight Champ With Overtime Armbar

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The Combat Jiu-Jitsu World Bantamweight Championship kicked off tonight with some of the best athletes the sub-only scene has to offer. When the dust had settled, Elias Anderson was successful in his rematch against Richard Alarcon and claimed the CJJ World Bantamweight title.


Richard Alarcon vs. Suraj Budhram

The first minute of the match saw hand-fighting from the feet, and after the coin flip, Alarcon had the top position inside Budhram’s guard. Budhram moved to attack Alarcon’s arm, and although Alarcon defended the initial attack well, he ended up getting swept, and Budhram then moved to a leg attack. Alarcon avoided danger again, and the match moved back to the feet.

Alarcon successfully took Budhram down, ending up in his closed guard and receiving a strong right hand from his opponent as he postured up. Budhram opened his guard, and Alarcon worked to pass the legs before the match moved back to the feet. Another coin flip, and Budhram chose the top position. He wasn’t there for long, though, as Alarcon swept him to his back and threw a left hand for good measure. Budhram tried to attack a leg, but the match ultimately went back to the feet.

Alarcon won the next coin toss and chose the top position, again being forced to defend against Budhram’s arm attacks as his posture was broken down. The match returned to the feet again, but the get-down rule applied again after another minute without a takedown, and Alarcon had Budhram in his guard for a short time before distance was created and the competitors returned to their feet. Alarcon was again the one playing guard when the horn sounded again, and though the athletes again went to their feet, Budhram made the choice to pull guard. The position was short-lived, however, as the athletes went back to their feet for the last few seconds before regulation ended.

Alarcon won the first coin toss and chose to start on Budhram’s back. Budhram quickly rolled through, but Alarcon was able to keep his elbow trapped to prevent an immediate escape. Budhram escaped after 22 seconds. Budhram chose to take Alarcon’s back for his round, but Alarcon was out in under ten seconds.

Round two of overtime saw Alarcon on Budhram’s back and prevent an early escape from Budhram. Budhram managed to get his shoulders to the mat, but Alarcon recovered the position and locked in a body triangle. Budhram eventually managed to wriggle out of back control, but not before the maximum ride time ran out.

In the bottom of the second, Budhram was quick to lock up a body triangle on Alarcon. Alarcon, however, got his shoulders to the mat and twisted his way out quickly.

Alarcon took Budhram’s back in round three of overtime, locking in a body triangle and managing to hold on even as Budhram began to rotate inside the triangle. Budhram managed a fairly quick escape here, but he would need a submission to win the match.

Budhram was aggressive in his attempt to submit his opponent, going for an arm lock and then back triangle. Despite his best efforts, though, Alarcon made his way out of danger, and the result was left up to the clock.

Richard Alarcon was declared the winner by fastest escape time and moved on to the finals.

Ben Eddy vs. Elias Anderson

Anderson pulled guard and tried to attack Eddy’s leg, but Eddy easily rolled out of danger and quickly returned the fight to the feet. Anderson then tried an arm drag to get to Eddy’s back and brought the match back to the ground, and Eddy evaded danger and resumed playing guard. Eddy tried to sweep Anderson, who inverted and came back on top. Anderson nearly managed to get past Eddy’s guard, but Eddy recovered and then had to work to defend an armbar attempt from Anderson. Free from immediate danger, Eddy resumed playing guard while Anderson stayed low as he tried to pass.

With under four minutes to go, Anderson managed to get past Eddy’s knee shield to pass the guard. After he transitioned to mount, Eddy inverted to get him off and then moved to attack a leg. Anderson escaped, returned to passing guard, and then slid past Eddy’s legs again to get into side control. Eddy recovered guard, but neither athlete was able to do anything else significant before time ran out in regulation.

Overtime began with Anderson on Eddy’s back. Anderson quickly latched on with a body triangle and covered Eddy’s airways with his hand. Neither athlete was able to do much from their respective positions until Anderson went for an armbar in the final few seconds of the round. He was unsuccessful in getting the sub before the maximum ride time ran out.

Eddy began in the spiderweb position for the bottom of the first OT round, trying first for a bicep slider and then going for the armbar as Anderson defended. It wasn’t long before Anderson was able to escape, however, and overtime moved into round two.

Anderson again began on the back and locked up the body triangle, pulling at Eddy’s face before briefly going for an armbar and then returning to the body triangle. Anderson was able to keep the position until maximum ride time ran out.

Eddy chose the spiderweb position again, and after a bicep slicer attempt, Anderson worked his way to the top and tried to pull his arm out. Eddy then swept Anderson, who tried to bring his knee inside the control zone and was finally able to escape with under a minute left in the round.

The top of the third saw more of the same from Anderson as he focused on ride time with his body triangle from the back. Eddy was unable to escape, and the round moved into the final overtime round of the night.

Eddy chose to take the back for the bottom of the third. He then moved to the truck position and tried to get a calf-crusher in a last-ditch attempt to win the match, but Anderson escaped, and the result of the match went to fastest escape time.

Elias Anderson won the match via fastest escape time and moved on to the finals to face Richard Alarcon.


Richard Alarcon vs. Elias Anderson

Anderson pulled guard before the first minute ran out, returning to his feet as Alarcon continuously escaped his grips from the ground. After a brief time wrestling on the feet, Anderson again jumped guard and brought the action back to the ground. Alarcon sent strikes raining down from the top position. Anderson returned to his feet and immediately jumped guard again, Alarcon electing to stay on his feet and forcing Anderson to slide down to the ground after opening his guard. Alarcon tried to step over Anderson’s guard, and Anderson countered by trying to attack a leg. Alarcon escaped the attempt, and the match went back to the feet with a little over five minutes to go.

Another guard jump opened up a leg attack opportunity for Anderson, and though Alarcon escaped, he gave Anderson the chance to get to his back and keep him on his knees. Anderson fell back to attack the neck, but Alarcon twisted around to avoid the choke and returned to trying to pass his opponent’s guard. After some time on their feet, Anderson went back to the ground to play guard, and Alarcon punished him for it with a few big hands. As the final minute of regulation wound down, Anderson attempted a flying triangle from standing, then pulled guard and stood up into a single-leg attempt. Ultimately, though, the match would go into overtime.

Overtime began with Alarcon on Anderson’s back. He immediately secured a body triangle and very nearly managed to finish the round early with a rear naked choke, but Anderson somehow managed to get his neck free. Still, Anderson’s best attempts to roll out of the body triangle were unsuccessful, as was Alarcon’s second close try at a choke.

Anderson elected to attack with the spiderweb at the bottom of the first round of overtime. Alarcon stood up and forced Anderson to latch on to avoid slipping off. Alarcon went back to the ground and it looked for a moment like Anderson might get the arm extended, but instead, Alarcon slipped out and moved the competitors into the second round of OT.

Alarcon’s second time on Anderson’s back was short-lived, as Anderson quickly got his shoulders to the mat and rolled out.

Anderson opted to take the back during his time on offense in the second round of overtime, and Alarcon, too, managed a fast escape.

Round three of overtime saw Alarcon return to his opponent’s back, and Anderson managed to get free in just sixteen seconds with a well-timed roll.

Anderson put it all on the line in his last opportunity to win the match, setting himself up with a spiderweb and hanging on tight as Alarcon stood up. He managed to peel the arm free and extend it out, and it was mere seconds before Alarcon tapped out.

Elias Anderson was declared the Combat Jiu-Jitsu World Bantamweight Champion with an armbar.

Full Results:

Special Matches:

  • Tony Arnal def. Ricardo Vazquez Diaz via rear naked choke
  • Chris Crawford def. Edgar Chico via armbar (OT)

Round 1:

  • Richard Alarcon def. Manuel Priego via kimura
  • Marcelo Cohen def. Taylan Yuasa via fastest escape time in OT
  • Suraj Budhram def. Kevin Granados via armbar
  • Nick Honstein def. Hunter Clagett via rear naked choke
  • Ben Eddy def. Randy Villareal via armbar
  • David Weintraub def. Michael Currier via TKO
  • Elias Anderson def. Isaac Cordova via fastest escape time in OT
  • Zack Schneider def. Gabriel Daffron via fastest submission in OT


  • Richard Alarcon def. Marcelo Cohen via rear naked choke
  • Suraj Budhram def. Nick Honstein via triangle choke
  • Ben Eddy def. David Weintraub via armbar-triangle
  • Elias Anderson def. Zack Schneider via armbar


  • Richard Alarcon def. Suraj Budhram via fastest escape time in OT
  • Elias Anderson def. Ben Eddy via fastest escape time in OT


  • Elias Anderson def. Richard Alarcon via armbar in OT


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