The Coach Of The Jiu-Jitsu Kid Who Protected Himself

Recently, Javill Byron who is martial arts teachers from the WMB Dojo in Miami, posted a video online talking about the child who beat up his bully using jiu jitsu. The child in question is twelve years old, and he trains in BJJ, Wrestling and Muay Thai. He had been bullied for more than seven days, before deciding to take the bully to the ground, mount him, ground and pound him, then finish him off with an armbar that he refrained from cranking. Some comments about the incident online have been critical of the child. Violence, it is argued, should be discouraged always. Nonetheless, Byron said that they supported the boy’s actions, because he had stood up for himself in a difficult situation – and exercised restraint when he could have caused the bully serious injury.


  1. The young man did well for himself and sent a very strong message to any other bully that may wish to harm him or his friends. Bullying is out of hand at schools right now. It’s gone way beyond being pushed down or having your lunch money stolen. It has cost youngsters their lives and that is totally unacceptable in America. Listen carefully to your Instructors and do not turn into a bully yourself. Keep your pride and self confidence under control. Semper Fi


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