Coach Tests His Students Break Fall Skills By Slamming Them To The Ground So Hard They Bounce

If you’re in this guy’s class, you had better learn to break fall…fast!

We’re not sure who this coach is or what he’s doing here, but I can’t say I’d be in a hurry to sign up to his classes. Even though the mats are padded, those throws look seriously painful.

Are your break fall skills good enough to survive this coach’s throws?

Check out the video below:

What's the point of doing this to your student?

What's the point of doing this to your student?

Posted by I Love Takedowns on Tuesday, January 2, 2018



  1. I am not 100% sure as i have only taken a few judo classes but my previous judo instructor had used to throw me like this and at the end of the throw he would pull me up by the arm he used to throw to alleviate impact on the throw. It appears to me the same situation with this judo instructor because if you look closely, he is pulling the student up at each throw which is creating the “bounce” effect. If this is the case then i don’t believe there is any danger in the throws. This is only speculation though as i am not well trained in judo so take this with a “grain of salt” but


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