Armed Robber Makes Big Mistake By Attacking Accomplished Judo Athlete

With martial arts only continuing to grow in popularity, it’s a wonder that anyone would even take the chance of trying to rob someone on the street knowing what they could be capable of.

That’s the error one 20-year-old suspect made when he snuck up behind 36-year-old Josh Henges in Kansas City, according to Fox 4. Unbeknownst to him, though, Henges is a lifelong judoka, having competed on the USA Judo team. Though it’s been a few years since Henges has competed, his instincts are very much intact, and as the robber tried to grab him from behind, Henges flipped him over and pinned him to the ground.

Henges was able to keep the suspect down while calling the police using the AirPods in his ear. Having worked extensively with at-risk youth and the homeless population, Henges understood that the suspect likely had other problems in his life that contributed to this poor choice. As it turned out, the young man was having trouble at home and seemed “remorseful” for his actions.

Henges told Fox 4, “People have to own their behavior, but there’s also a reason they behave a certain way. To me, real justice is a changed heart, and a changed heart changes behavior… If I can forgive this kid, I hope anyone can forgive this kid. He’s going to own it, and when he does, let’s find a way to make the most of his life.”

Both men walked away from the incident without any serious injuries. The weapon involved turned out to be a BB gun, and the suspect was arrested on one count of attempted robbery.


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