Cody Law Wins Pro MMA Debut At Bellator 250 With Slick D’Arce Choke

After a flawless amateur career, Cody Law has choked his way into a 1-0 professional record following a beautiful d’arce choke finish at Bellator 250.

Law got a first-round finish against opponent Orlando Ortega, who also made his pro debut at the event.

The fight had mostly been a fast-paced bout of punch and kick attempts until that point, with both fighters largely managing to evade each other’s strikes. But as Ortega threw a kick, an awkward landing provided the perfect opportunity for Law to take Ortega to the ground. From there, Law easily passed his opponent’s guard and transitioned to the choke. Ortega tapped with 2:19 left in the first round, and Law collected his first professional win.

You can watch the full fight, along with the other Bellator 250 prelims, below:


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