Colby Covington Pressing Charges Against Fabricio Werdum For Allegedly Punching Him During Sydney Altercation

Colby Covington

UFC Welterweight and hater of all things Brazilian, Colby Covington, is pressing charges against Fabricio Werdum. Colby claims that Fabricio punched him during an altercation in Sydney.

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Last night, video surfaced of the altercation. It shows Covington screaming numerous vulgarities and even a homophobic slur at Fabricio Werdum.

Here’s a video of Werdum throwing what looks like a boomerang at Colby.

Como Tds sabem o lutador Colby Colvington esteve lutando aqui no Brasil a algumas semanas e em entrevista após a luta chamou o Brasil de chiqueiro e os brasileiros de animais imundos.Abaixo está Fabrício Werdum encontrando o babaca pela primeira vez após o ocorrido…

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In a statement to FloCombat, Werdum said it all started when Covington walked by him and said “Brazilian animals” to him.

When I walked he looked at me and said: ‘Brazilian animals.’ And I was like: ‘Hey.’ I slapped his phone and asked, ‘What did you say?’ Then, he kicked my leg, but I managed to defend. Then the guys got in the middle and had nothing left. But he kicked me, he is audacious. I could have hurt myself.

If I had hit him in the face, he would be in the hospital. Certainly. There was no punch, he’s crazy.

Whatever happened, Covington sees the need to get the law involved, and according to Sherdog, he is pressing charges.

As Werdum has only recently gotten out of hot water with the UFC for using homophobic slurs, this could spell even more trouble for him.

However, considering Covington used homophobic slurs himself, he may also be in trouble.

Werdum will be fighting Marcin Tybura this weekend, November 19, at UFC Fight Night 121, live from Sydney, Australia.

The Boomerang that Werdum threw at Colby


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