Conor McGregor Promoted to BJJ Black Belt

Former UFC champ-champ Conor McGregor received his promotion to black belt by Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach John Kavanagh, per McGregor’s official Instagram account.

According to the UFC star’s announcement, he’s been working toward his jiu-jitsu black belt for twenty years. “Thank you John for everything over the years, and to all of my team mates throughout this incredible jiu jitsu journey!” wrote McGregor in an Instagram post caption. “Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart! A Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt, wow! Praise be to God and then Helio. I’ll be in the Gi in it tomorrow Helio, I promise, and I cannot wait!!”

Kavanagh, who owns and coaches at Straight Blast Gym Ireland, also took to social media to celebrate his student’s achievement, writing in a caption on his own Instagram post about the promotion, “A Black Belt is a White Belt who never quit.”


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