Conor McGregor Steps In To Save Martial Arts Gym From COVID-19 Closure

Days ago, SBG Portarlington announced that it had hosted its last class ever. The MMA and BJJ gym in Ireland was another victim of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it could no longer sustain itself due to the shutdowns. All hope looked to be lost for the martial arts academy as they prepared to close their doors.

“Tonight, we close our doors in the gym for the last time. Unfortunately, we are forced to shut our gym down. To say I’m heartbroken is an understatement. The covid pandemic has been tough on us all and we can no longer keep the gym going. Due to mounting rent bills during lockdowns we just can’t sustain.”

As it turned out, though, an unlikely hero would step in to save the day (and the gym). Philip Mulpeter, a Bellator veteran and the head coach of SBG Portarlington, put up another post just days later revealing that former UFC champion Conor McGregor had rescued the gym, providing them with the funds they need to stay open.

“From the lowest low to the highest high.


Our team-mate and friend @thenotoriousmma has decided to help us out and keep the gym running. We will be eternally grateful 🙏

To everyone that messaged and got in touch with us to show your support, thank you all so much.

See you all on the mats.


McGregor himself is a part of the SBG family, providing some context as to why he chose to help out this particular gym.

With the academy no longer under the threat of immediate closure, the team at SBG Portarlington can hopefully focus on their training without having to worry about losing their favorite place on the mats.


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