Conor McGregor, You are NOT The Father (Of That Alleged Lovechild)

Photo/Instagram: Conor McGregor

Finally, some positive legal news for UFC and sometimes boxing star Conor McGregor! According to the UK’s The Daily Mail, the frequently-sued fighter is off the hook as the father to Terri Murray’s daughter. Murray, age 26, had claimed that her child, Clodagh, was the result of a fling between herself and McGregor follow the Grand National in Liverpool back in 2017. Murray went public with the claims back in early 2019, stating that the two met at a nightclub and later met at his Hilton hotel room for consenting sex on two separate occasions.

Yesterday, McGregor’s spokesperson released that: “To conclusively end any and all erroneous media reports, Conor McGregor took a DNA test recently which confirmed to all parties that he is not the father of the child in Liverpool.” 

McGregor has previously spoken on the subject, claiming he never slept with Murray, and that while there are photos which confirm the pair did party together on the evening in question, Murray had actually bedded his friend at the end of the night while McGregor stayed in his room solo. At the time, McGregor’s longtime partner, Dee, was 8 months pregnant with their first child.

NorthGene Ltd and Eurofins, two UK-based DNA testing services used in legal cases, were listed as handled the testing. McGregor reportedly showed none of the biological markers which would have confirmed he was the father, equating to a “zero percent probability” the fighter is the kid’s dad.

Murray has asked via social media that all questions regarding the test results and her allegations be directed to her lawyers.

Not holding our breath at all, but in light of the DNA results Khabib maaaay wanna take this old tweet using Murray to call McGregor a rapist down:


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