Craig Jones’ B-Team To Allow Drop-Ins From Purple Belts & Up

If you want to train with Craig Jones and the B-Team, you’ll need to have a good bit of grappling experience first.

After putting out a call for applications to train on the team, the B-Team has shared a post stating that they will be allowing drop-ins, but only purple belts and above or “high-level wrestlers/MMA fighters” will be permitted, at least for now. Special permission from the “core members” of the B-Team will allow guests to drop in as well. The academy also shared their drop-in fee, which is $50.

While the announcement has caused some confusion and controversy, Jones clarified his rationale in a comment on Reddit:

“It’s about the level of techniques being taught, not anything to do with competition experience.

We had 700 people apply so we wanted to build a gym from the top down. We will accept groups of people at a time. Blue belt will be next”

If you’re a white belt in Austin who’s been dying to check out the B-Team, however, don’t despair — the team is having a free all-levels open mat on September 25.


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