Craig Jones Defeats Vagner Rocha at Submission Underground 14

The King of SUG retains his crown.

Professional leg-entangler Craig Jones avenged his EBI 11 loss to Vagner Rocha earlier tonight at SUG 14, submitting the UFC vet in overtime. This win keeps the Auzzie’s undefeated streak inside the SUG octagon intact, and leaves many wondering what challenge he’ll surmount next.

The match began in typical Jones fashion with a sit to z-guard. Rocha is able to repeatedly disengage and threaten the pass, keeping his legs safe at the outset. While Jones is able to isolate the right leg of Rocha two minutes in, he’s unable to act before Rocha peels away.

Three minutes in Jones attacks the right leg again, but Rocha pushes out as Jones stands up. We are then treated to a bizarre sight of Jones working to pass on a sitting opponent.

As fun as that is, Rocha’s defense keeps Jones at bay before both men go to stand. Jones sits to guard once more. The match continues with Jones keeping Rocha from passing until the 26 second mark, where Jones briefly seems to accuse Rocha of having slippery legs. The ref urges the men to continue after making no examination of a confused Rocha, and the regulation time ends shortly thereafter.

Wining the coin toss, Jones starts on Rocha’s back for over time. Rocha makes great efforts to defend his neck and loosen Jone’s hold on his waist, but Jones outpaces him in repositioning and secures the RNC at the 1:23 mark.

Also starting off the back, Rocha immediately goes for the choke. Realizing he only has to focus on defending and not escaping, Jones protects his neck and goes to control Rocha’s bottom hand. While able to retain the back despite nearly losing the position several times, Rocha is unable to secure the choke and loses the OT at the 1:22 mark.

With his mounting list of victories, SUG finds itself in position of a bona fide franchise superstar in Jones. While his next battle is anyone’s guess, Rocha was announced quickly following the match to be featured in the 3rd Coast Grappling Kumite III on June, 27.

Here’s hoping this isn’t the last time we get to see these legends duke it out.


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